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Behzat C.: Best Turkish Cult TV Series


Behzat C: Bir Ankara Polisiyesi, A Turkish cult TV series based on the novel by author Emrah Serbes, has been loved and followed by millions of people over the years. Behzat C became a phenomenon in a short time thanks to his lines, depth and successful acting performances.

It began airing on Star TV screens on September 19, 2010. Behzat C is the subject of the events that have happened to the heads of captain Behzat and his team in charge of the Ankara Homicide Bureau. Considered one of the most successful productions in the history of the Turkish series, the life of the series did not last very long. With its third season in 2013, it was forced to make an early finale for some political reasons.

Starring Erdal Besikcioglu, Fatih Artman, Inanc Konukcu and Berkan Sal, Nejat Isler, Guven Kirac, Ege Aydan, Zafer Algoz, Mine Tugay and Canan Erguder were also featured in the series.

The new season of Behzat C began airing years later, in 2019, via online streaming platform BluTV. The new 8-episode season unfortunately did not meet what was expected. Among the reasons for this, the character of Harun Sinanoglu, played by Fatih Artman, one of the most important characters of the series, was not included in the new season, Emrah Serbes, one of the screenwriters of the series, was in prison.

What’s the subject of the Behzat C series?

Behzat C graduated from the Police Academy in 1985 and served in the Homicide Squad. During his service, he was unable to rise as a position in his position due to problems with his superiors and undisciplined behavior. Each episode tries to solve the murders committed in Ankara with different characters in its team, such as Harun, Ghost, Vulture, Eda, Selim and Cevdet.

On the one hand, he believes that his daughter, who people say killed herself, was actually murdered. He blames himself for being bad with his daughter. He goes looking for killers.

Behzat C: Detailed Review

The first season of the series is one-on-one to get to know the characters exactly, to internalize them. He also becomes indifferent to his daughter due to Behzat’s problems with his ex-wife. Problems in his life are bad for his relationship with his daughter. In the first episode, Behzat’s ddaughter commits suicide. Behzat blames himself, closes in. The death of his daughter becomes one of the most important breaking points in Behzat’s life.

In later episodes, Behzat constantly tries to relate to people who may be involved in the death of his daughter. On the one hand, he tries to solve murders. But because of his psychological state, everything is available to mix at any time.

Behzat’s team, like himself, is made up of not-so-normal types. The three names in his team, Aaron, Ghost and Vulture, are actually the core cast of the series.

Harun is a character who grew up in a classical Turkish family. Her father is a bus driver, her mother a housewife. He’s extremely protective of his sister. It even restricts areas of freedom from time to time. His biggest fun is going to the pavilion with his friends. He’s in love with EDA, the employee at work. Beneath his rude behavior lies exactly a fragile man. His emotional side makes him make easy mistakes. He’s very attached to Behzat and his teammates.


As the name suggests, the Ghost character is a complete ghost. Invisible. He finds people that no one can find, thanks to his private informants. Often their troubles are not seen in the same way. He and Vulture live in one house. They like to eat beer and snacks at home when left over from the pavilion.

Vulture is a man of mystery. In his own words, “his life is murder.” He doesn’t think about anything else. He’ll keep the police radio with him for a second. He always announces the murder to the team first. He has a special interest in animals, especially dogs. The dog does not have mercy on the killer in any way. Story of the Vulture series 2. he’ll show up well in his season.

Ghost, Vulture and Harun

In the first season, Behzat has relationships with multiple women. Bahar, who has left-wing views and hates the police, is one of them. Behzat proposes to Bahar, but Bahar does not accept the proposal. Another is Gonul. Gonul is a singer in the pavilion. According to the Turks, she is actually a woman who has “fallen on a bad path”. Behzat has always been interested in women who lack a side like himself.

Later in the season, a sociopath serial killer named Ercument Cozer joins the series. Ercument is a wealthy and flamboyant businessman from Istanbul. Ercument has deep connections within the state.

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Memduh Basgan and Ercument Cozer

Ankara is already a place where the Grand National Assembly of Turkey is located, where the main buildings of all political parties are located. For this reason, there are mostly bureaucrats in Ankara. A side of the series is also directly related to Turkish politics. Already the handling of political issues in the future has caused discomfort in politicians, leading to the removal of the series.

The underlying story of the series connects all the episodes. Behzat actually fights political corruption. He does this without fear of senior officials, without waiting for an interest.

One of the great features of the series is the season finale. Every season’s finale has such a big improvement that viewers are locked on the screen. Life stops. Even Behzat C‘s first season finale was chosen as the best season finale on Turkish television.

I’m not going to talk about the first season finale so there’s no spoilers. But such great things have happened that Behzat is no longer the old Behzat. Have been taken to jail. The real killer of your daughter must have been someone she knew very well.

The second season begins in this exact situation. The cast of the series is joined by Suna as the Narcotics Commissioner, Funda as the psychologist, and Aziz as the former superintendent of murder.

His team tries to free Behzat from jail and is successful. Behzat returns to his post.

The second season continues through the “severed finger murders”. An old murder investigation led by the cherished commander-in-chief is reopening. Suna of the DEA, former captain Aziz also begins investigating new murders.

Psychological problems have now emerged in Behzat. He can’t notice what’s in front of him. “Severed finger murders” are currently committed by someone close to him. In the past, the person responsible for the murders has something to do with the Vulture.

During this season, Behzat began to have a relationship with prosecutor Esra. He’s even married. But again, as a season finale classic, Behzat will be thrown into pain. This place contains spoilers: Esra is killed as a result of an incident in which the villain Ercument is involved.the season is when Behzat’s mother, who he knows as Dead, returns. The main skeleton of the season is Behzat’s search for his wife’s killers. As a side story, the murders committed by a doctor and his assistant continue.

The season describes a period when Behzat underwent major changes and completely collapsed psychologically. He’s on the verge of going crazy.

Series has one episode in the Season, episode 78, all the secrets that remain ambiguous in the series are spilled. There’s a big confrontation. The episode takes place in a single room.

The fourth season is not worth much interpretation.

After all, Behzat C is among the best series in the history of Turkish TV series. No matter where you are in the world, you should definitely watch episodes that are broadcast on Netflix.