Which One is Your Favorite Turkish Couple?

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Which One is Your Favorite Turkish Couple? We chose two couples from the most watched TV series in Turkish. It’s time to choose between Fatmagul’un Sucu Ne and Sila series…Which Turkish series couple is your favourite? Scroll down and take part in the vote. Vote for your favorite Turkish couple.

Fatmagul’un Sucu Ne

Turkish couple

The story of Fatmagul, who was raped by four men and was forced to marry one of the rapists, and Kerim, who was forced to marry her. When Fatmagul later learned that Kerim did not rape her, love began to form between them. The series is based on the script written by Vedat Turkali for the 1986 movie of the same name. This 1986 feature film was directed by Sureyya Duru and starring Hulya Avsar and Aytac Arman. The script of the series is written by Ece Yorenc and Melek Gencoglu, while Hilal Saral is the director.


Turkish Couple

The fertile lands of Mesopotamia… In the lands with no windows facing each other, houses with high courtyards and narrow streets, lawless customs, love that defies tradition! The passionate love story of a girl who has always had to grow longing in her heart, and Boran, who is torn between her customs and her heart! His destiny drags him to Istanbul when he is three years old, tearing him away from his essence, from his family. Sila, whose roots are in the East and belongs to the Western world, grows up with a lie. While Sila is trying to take root in another world, she is unaware that other people write the fate of the girls in that land. The word Berdel, which Sila has never heard of, changes the whole course of her life. In order to save the life of her brother, whom she never knew, she is forced to marry Boran, the tribal chief she has never seen. Now Sila is imprisoned in a huge house, a tradition with indestructible rules. Sila makes escape plans every day, but she is unaware that what she is trying to escape is her desperate love for Boran, which is slowly growing inside her.

Which One is Your Favorite Turkish Couple?

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