Netflix’s New Turkish Series: Who Were We Running From?

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Melisa Sozen and Eylul Tumbar share the lead roles in Who Were We Running From?, which is adapted from Perihan Magden‘s novel of the same name and entered the world charts from the top 10 with its first season.

The Netflix invasion of Turkish productions continues at full throttle. So much so that some productions stand out as the most popular content on the streaming platform. For example, just a few months ago, Shahmaran, a Turkish Netflix series based on Middle Eastern myths that managed to enter the top 10 in the US, surprised everyone with its success. And now, another Turkish production is among the biggest in the world on Netflix.

Who Were We Running From? was released at the end of March. And according to Netflix‘s weekly data, it managed to be among the most watched series worldwide for the second week in a row.

For example, for the 7-day period ending 2 April, the series was watched 35.8 million hours, making it the #1 non-English language production in the world. The series was in the Top 10 in 78 countries for the week of 27 March-2 April.

What is the Plot of Who Were We Running From?

Who Were We Running From?
Who Were We Running From?

The series is about the escape story of a mother and her daughter. A mysterious mother and her young daughter, who live a fugitive life by staying in hotels, slowly unravels the mystery of their past while coping with the threats they face.

An eccentric mother and her young daughter check into a luxury hotel. Trying to stay out of sight, this mysterious duo arouses curiosity and suspicion in both the hotel staff and other guests.

Mother and daughter settle in an idyllic hotel. The mother’s bitter and sweet memories come alive in the face of the daughter’s challenging questions. At the end of a day they spend apart, the peace of the duo escapes again. Mother and daughter are preparing for a long journey. The mother remembers the birth of her daughter and her complicated feelings at the time. As the police get closer and closer, the mother comes up with a risky plan.

While the police are on their trail, mother and daughter remember the past in Cappadocia. An overheard conversation frightens and worries the daughter. After a fight, the duo is on the road again.

The mother is trapped in a bank. A relative tells the police about the mother’s family and the tragedy. When mother and daughter are left penniless abroad, the stressed mother finds a way out. The mother and daughter escape the trap at the last moment. When the mother finally confronts her father, the daughter makes an unexpected move. The police find similarities between a series of murders.

The penniless mother tries a different approach this time. Another police team takes over the case and is hot on their heels. Will the mother and daughter manage to escape once again?

Netflix summarises the plot of the series as follows: “A mysterious mother and her young daughter, who live a fugitive life staying in hotels, deal with the threats they face, while the veil of mystery over their past is slowly being lifted.”

Cast of Who Were We Running From?

Who Were We Running From?
Who Were We Running From?

The series stars Melisa Sozen and Eylul Tumbar in the lead roles. The series also includes names such as Birand Tunca, Deniz Karaoglu, Buce Buse Kahraman, Musa Uzunlar and Hakan Boyav.

Umut Aral and Gokcen Usta sat in the director’s chair of the Who Were We Running From? series together, while Ertan Kurtulan penned the screenplay. The filming of the series took place in Cappadocia.

Who is Melisa Sozen?

Melisa Sozen

Melisa Sozen is a Turkish TV series and cinema actress born on 6 July 1985. Born in Istanbul, the actress has been interested in this profession since a young age.

Melisa Sozen graduated from Pera Fine Arts High School. She took part in many theatre plays. She played the role of Feriha in Cemberimde Gul Oya written by Cagan Irmak.

Melisa Sozen, who was the presenter of a programme called The Woman Who Saved the World, appeared in the film Spy Girls: How Did It All Begin? film, she performed the voice of the character Clover.

In the same period, she gave life to the character of Narin Bulut in the film Bir Bulut Olsam, which was shot in Mardin. Melisa Sozen, who starred in the Golden Palm Award-winning film Winter Sleep, has starred in many successful productions other than these series and films.

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