Can Yaman New Series: Sandokan – Subject, Cast and Preparations


Turkish actor Can Yaman, who has a huge fan base in Italy, is getting ready to appear in the Sandokan series. Can Yaman new series, which will portray the Sandokan character of the Italian people, which marked a period, has started shooting. So, what is the subject of Can Yaman new series Sandokan? Who are the cast of the series?

Can Yaman New Series

Can Yaman, who became popular abroad in a short time with his successful acting performance in the Early Bird series, is very popular in Italy. Yogi is so loving fan base in Turkey, sure strides in his career. Can Yaman, who is both the advertising face of a brand brand in Italy and has made an agreement for the Sandokan series, is excited to achieve great success.

Can Yaman, who made an agreement with one of Italy’s leading production companies after the final of the Bay Yanlis series, was included in the cast of the TV series ‘Sandokan’. He signed a contract as the lead actor in 10 episodes. Can Yaman will play a fictional pirate from the late 19th century in the remake of the cult classic Italian series “Sandokan”.

The fee that Can Yaman will receive per episode is worth a fortune. It was claimed that the 31-year-old player will receive 100 thousand euros per episode from the ‘Sandokan’ series, which is designed as 10 episodes.

Who is Sandokan?

Sandokan is a fictional 19th-century pirate fictionalized by Italian writer Emilio Salgari. His adventures were first published in Italy in 1883. In a total of 11 novels, Sandokan will become heroic as a pirate and lead the uprisings against the colonialists.

What is The Subject of Sandokan Series?

Sandokan is an imaginary pirate from the late 19th century, created by the Italian writer Emilio Salgari. His adventures were first published in 1883. Sandokan is the protagonist of 11 adventure novels. It is known as the “Malaysian Tiger” in the South China Sea. Sandokan is a pirate set in the novel. It has been the subject of many different projects. Movies and TV series were shot.

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Each TV series and movie focuses on different topics. There are even productions that give the Sandokan character superhuman qualities. However, it is the movie The Great Sandokan of the year 1964 that fits the mind and logic the most. In this film, the British Naval Navy blockades Sandokan’s city. He murders Sandokan’s family. Sandokan forms a pirate gang on this incident and takes action to retaliate. British Navy commander kidnaps Hillock’s nephew, Mary Ann. A love affair later occurs between Mary Ann and Sandokan.

Can Yaman is Preparing for His New Series Sandokan Shootings

He is currently excited about Can Yaman new series, shares the moments when the action scenes are prepared on his social media account. The sharing of the famous actor, who will portray the pirate Sandokan in the series, is appreciated by both Turkish and Italian followers. He has a huge fan base.

Can Yaman is currently developing himself in subjects such as horse riding, sword use and defense sports for the series.

Cast of Sandokan Series

Can Yaman shared the photo taken with the cast of the Sandokan series, which will be released in 2021, on her Instagram account.

Can Yaman New Series

Mompracem Tiger, the hero of the popular Malaysian Pirate Cycle, by writer Emilio Salgari, is getting ready to return to the screens. This time in Italy, Canale 5’s popular soap opera Daydreamer and the famous Turkish actress Can Yaman take the role of this time to revive the beloved fictional character of the book, which Kabir Bedi made famous with its 1976 script in the seventies. Luca Argentero, who will play the role of Portuguese right-hand man Yanez de Gomera. There will be two leading roles at the center of the adventures of the 10-episode series, which is claimed to have started shooting.

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