Alina Boz: Young and Beautiful Actress

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Who is Alina Boz? How old is she and where is she from? The questions of the beautiful actress Alina Boz, with her leading role in the Marasli series, were once again a matter of curiosity by the citizens. Here is the life story of Alina Boz…

Date Of Birth:June 14, 1998
Place Of Birth:Moscow
Length1.73 m
Weight50 kg
Eye ColorBlue
Marital StatusSingle
EducationHacettepe University
Alina Boz

Alina Boz was born on June 14, 1998. Alina Boz, whose mother is Russian and her father is Turkish, was born in Moscow. However, depending on the Istanbul log, the population is valid. The 18-year-old actress is a Gemini. Alina Boz, one of the young stars that has attracted a lot of attention recently; She has become popular as an actress with fans from quite a different age group. She is around 1.73 meters tall and 50 kilos.

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Alina Boz, who has brown skin with green eyes and blond hair; she received her facial beauty from her mother. Alina Boz, who started studying theater at the age of 9, later signed for an agency, played in commercials and participated in magazine shoots. Afterwards, she said that she loved this world very much and wanted to be a good actress.

Alina Boz, who said that she will complete her education life in Russia at the request of her mother, has already entered among the talented actors who will take place in many more TV series in the future.

Alina Boz

She developed an interest in acting from an early age. She first stepped onto screens as Canan “in the series Cesur Hemsire. Alina Boz made her main debut with the character “Hazal”, whom she portrayed in the TV series “Paramparca”.

In 2016, Alina Boz, who also starred in the film “Kacma Birader”, which featured veteran names such as Zafer Algöz and Melek Baykal, appeared in a commercial for a young actress in avea commercials with Ata Demirer and Justin Bieber.

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Alina Boz

The 2017 production brought the Laurel character to life in Sevda’nin Bahcesinde. Alina Boz recently starred in the popular series “Vatanim Sensin”, which aired on Channel D screens. She has taken the lead role of the series called Elimi Birakma. Currently, he is in the lead role in the series Marasli and is very popular.

What’s The Subject Of The Marasli TV Series?

Alina Boz

Marasli, a former soldier who left the Special Forces, wants to spend his life with the sahaf shop he opened. Daring, brave, trying to achieve justice in ways that he knows, the turning point of Marasli’s life is the day when his daughter Zelis was shot. Marasli, whose sole purpose is to bring his daughter back to life, cannot forget the great pain inflicted on his son. One day, Mahur Türel, the beauty of the worlds, enters the shop of sahaf, and Mahur unintentionally gets involved in an incident on that day. Marasli saves Mahur’s life. And on that day their fates will be bound together.

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