Erkan Meric: The Best Male Model in The World

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Erkan Meric, whose name has been mentioned a lot in recent days, has reached the summit with the series Adini Sen Koy. Here are Details From The Life of Erkan Meric

Date Of Birth:Juny 25, 1986
Place Of Birth:Mersin
Length1.94 cm
Weight85 kg
Eye ColorBrown
Marital Status
EducationMersin University

Erkan Meric, who won the title of the best male model in the world after Kivanc Tatlitug and Kenan Imirzalioglu, was born on July 25, 1986 in Mersin. He is a graduate of Mersin University Electronic Automation Department.

He who played football and goalkeeper professionally for many years, was also interested in sports branches such as volleyball, swimming, basketball and body building.

Erkan Meric

Erkan Meric, who decided to do modeling after graduating from university, registered with the agency and thus began his professional modeling career. He participated in the Best Model of The Turkey competition held in 2009 and was selected as the best male model of Turkey in this competition. After this competition, he participated in the Best Model of The World competition and became the world’s best male model in this competition.

He also stepped into acting after modeling. He played the character of Omer in the TV series “Adini Sen Koy” on TRT 1 screens.

Who is Erkan Meric Girlfriend?

Viewers are also curious about the answer to the question of who is Erkan Meric‘s girlfriend. It is not known who Erkan Meric was in love with Hazal Subasi for a while.

Erkan Meric

Adini Sen Koy Series Subject – Cast

“The soul in love lives in a dark and cold climate. Both heat and light are always one step away, in the hands of your loved one. Love is the inability of two hearts drifting towards each other to come together, and they always fall away while trying to get closer.

The story of two young people, Omer and Zehra, whose characters are as different as night and day, whose worlds are as different as black and white, will flourish in an impossible climate.

Despite their great resistance and all the unavoidable…

Omer finds himself in an obligatory game when he least expects it for the happiness of his brother who has six months left to live… He has to marry Zehra, who comes from a completely different world. He will make a formal marriage with a six-month contract, for which he will pay Zehra the money he wants and buy her six months.

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