The Partnership Between Can Yaman and Hande Ercel

Can Yaman and Hande Ercel

The partnership of Can Yaman and Hande Ercel will be a big news. Famous actress Hande Ercel took the lead role in the TV series Sen Cal Kapimi. Kerem Bursin and Hande Ercel first became a very good couple in the series, and then they lived their love to the fullest in real life. However, the separation of the duo also upset their fans a lot.

Sen Cal Kapimi series came to the screen for the last time on September 8, 2021 with its 52nd episode. In the interview held on the set at that time, it was revealed that the series was planned to be extended, but Hande Ercel did not accept it. Like many TV series fans, the information that Fox TV wanted to extend the series was reflected backstage.

However, Hande Ercel did not want to continue on the grounds that she was very tired. This caused the series to make its finale in September, and the young actor had the opportunity to rest in the process.

Hande Ercel
Can Yaman and Hande Ercel

After leaving Kerem Bursin, Hande Ercel, who appeared to be in love with Kaan Yildirim, with whom she starred in the series Halka, is now bored from the holiday.

The actor, who wanted to return to the sets, missed working. Fans are also eagerly awaiting what the famous actor, who continues to negotiate with the producers and whose name is mentioned with the new series of Disney Plus‘s El Turco, will do.

Will Can Yaman and Hande Ercel meet in the same series?

The male lead is known in the El Turco series, but there is no clear situation for the female lead yet. The introduction of the name Hande Ercel created great excitement.

It was also noteworthy that the famous actor gave the message that he would return to the sets after these allegations.

Hande Ercel said, “We will do a job, but it is not clear. I miss sets so much. I miss you too much. I have not been working since September. It’s been a long time, I missed it” and announced that he would return to the sets.

Stating that the 8-month vacation is enough for her and that she does not have a vacation plan in the summer, Hande Ercel will return with what kind of project?

Her fans are eagerly waiting for the new project and if they wants Can Yaman and Hande Ercel to meet, they also want very much.

Burak Ozcivit vs Can Yaman
Can Yaman and Hande Ercel

In the comments reflected on the social media, it is thought that these two can do a very successful job and the El Turco series will attract great attention around the world.

The meeting of Can Yaman and Hande Ercel duo in the new series was put forward as a claim. So there is no official information.

Hande Ercel may appear in front of her fans with a very surprising project. It is expected that this project will be clarified in the near future.

While the preparations for the series, which is adapted from the novel “El Turco” by Orhan Yeniaras, continue, there is an exciting wait among the fans due to the possibility of meeting the Can Yaman and Hande Ercel successful actors.

Can Yaman’s New Series “El Turco”

Can Yaman, who has been continuing his career in Italy for more than a year, will shoot the new series for Disney Plus, called El Turco. We actually made the announcement of the series, which will be a half-fiction, half-true story, on our page months ago. But at that time the project was still at the very beginning, it was not clear who will play in the series and where it will be broadcast.

The series named El Turco will take place during the Ottoman siege of Vienna. The series will be adapted from the novel El Turco by historian and writer Orhan Yeniaras. The book is the IV of the Ottoman Empire. It tells the unknowns of the Siege of Vienna that took place during the reign of Mehmed II.

El Turco Can Yaman
El Turco Can Yaman

El Turco tells the traces of Turks in a village called Moena in Northern Italy. The following information is included in the introduction of the book:

“A trip you take in this village where no one speaks Turkish will be the trip of your life. around you; You will be surprised to see signs such as Turkish House, Turkish Street and Turkish Coffee. If you continue the tour, you will be greeted by a bearded and turbaned Janissary bust placed on a marble pedestal. The interesting thing is that there is a Turkish flag with a crescent and star on the pedestal of the bust and the word “Turkish” written clearly. If you go to the village in August, you will see that the people wear Turkish national clothes and take to the streets with the Turkish flag in their hands.

Showing a bust to any of the villagers, “Who is this?” When you ask them, they will say, “He is our ancestor, we are also Turks”. So who is this Turk? Ottoman intelligence officer Balaban Agha, who was found wounded and rescued by the Moena people in the Second Siege of Vienna, settled in this village and organized a successful peasant uprising against the overlords who were extorting money. In this documentary novel, you will read the unknown aspects of the Second Siege of Vienna along with the extraordinary story of Balaban Aga.”

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