Can Yaman’s Lover Revealed! Which Italian announcer is in love with?

Can Yaman's Lover Revealed! Which Italian announcer is in love with?

Can Yaman’s lover revealed! A claim was made in the Italian press about the love of Can Yaman and Diletta Leotta, which fell like a bomb on the agenda of the tabloid press in Europe and Turkey.

It was revealed that the famous actor Can Yaman, who recently gained a large fan base in Italy, found love in Rome.

Can Yaman lost his heart to Italian sportscaster Diletta Leotta. The couple, whose love has been documented in recent weeks, were again viewed by paparazzi the previous evening.

Can Yaman's Lover Revealed
Can Yaman’s Lover Revealed

It was revealed that actor Can Yaman, who was in Italy for a commercial film project directed by Ferzan Ozpetek, was in love with famous sports announcer Diletta Leotta. Yaman, who has been in Rome for about a month, spends his remaining time with Leotta. Claims that the duo were staying at the same hotel were also reflected in the Italian press.

Italian tabloid Chi had published photos of the couple two weeks ago as they enjoyed romantic moments alone at a venue. The duo were again caught in the lens of the paparazzi the previous evening. At the same restaurant, the couple were seen enjoying themselves.

Can Yaman’s Lover Revealed
Can Yaman’s Lover Revealed

A bouquet of flowers was left in Diletta’s room recently, and the presenter shared the message: “a bouquet of flowers you find in your bed when you come to your room after a working day will make you sleep happily.” It has been suggested that Can Yaman sent flowers to Diletta Leotta.

Diletta Leotta was known to have been in love with boxer Daniele Scardina for some time. A photo of the celebrity announcer celebrating his lover’s birthday last April is also still on his Instagram account.

After the events, the true face of love between the famous duo was revealed.

According to the Italian press, the mystery behind the love of actress Can Yaman, who has a large fan base in Turkey, with Leotta, one of Italy’s most talked-about female announcers, has been revealed.

Can Yaman’s Lover Revealed

According to the Italian press, the announcer, who is currently preparing for a new role for the ongoing ‘Ottoman series’ in Turkey, allegedly created a love affair with PR companies in order to introduce himself to Turkey.

In the news, Leotta‘s claims that he will portray a blonde princess in the series, which continues to come to the screens in Turkey in the coming period, were passed on to readers.

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