Before and After: Hande Ercel Plastic Surgery

Before and After: Hande Ercel Plastic Surgery

Hande Ercel, the lead actor of the series Sen Cal Kapimi (Knock My Door), stunned those who saw it with his old photos. Ercel‘s post-aesthetic change, which had a completely different appearance in the early years of her career, was again on the agenda. Everyone is wondering what is Hande Ercel plastic surgery?

Hande Ercel, the rising star of recent times, is also one of those who has changed with aesthetic surgery after reaching fame.

Before and After: Hande Ercel Plastic Surgery

Before and After: Hande Ercel Plastic Surgery
Before and After: Hande Ercel Plastic Surgery

Born in 1993 in Balıkesir and starring in the series Günesin Kizlari, Hande Ercel‘s old and new form has become one of the most talked about topics of social media. Ercel’s old and new condition is curious after plastic surgery operations.

The young star, who had a completely different look early in his career, is understood to have gone under the knife, though he denies it. According to media reports, Ercel has had his lips, teeth and cheeks done so far.

Before and After: Hande Ercel Plastic Surgery

Ercel removed the fat from his cheeks with a bichectomy. After the operation, the famous star’s cheekbones became more prominent. She had the filler around his eyes. The teeth are also another point where he has undergone a number of surgical operations…

Before and After: Hande Ercel Plastic Surgery

The questions “Did Hande Ercel have aesthetics?”, “What aesthetics did Hande Ercel have?” are in the minds of many people. The aesthetic procedures performed by Hande Erçel, who underwent bichectomy, which is based on removal of fat on the cheeks, are as follows:

  • Lip filler
  • Dental aesthetics
  • Bishectomy (Hollywood cheek)
Before and After: Hande Ercel Plastic Surgery

Who is Hande Ercel?

Hande Ercel was born in 1993 in Balıkesir, Bandırma. Mimar Sinan continues to study in the Turkish Arts Department of the Faculty of Fine Arts. In 2011-2013,she started his training at 3mota acting workshop and simultaneously worked as a play assistant at Theater cat.

Hande Ercel is 1.75 meters tall, 57 pounds and a Sagittarius sign. She participated in the Miss Civilization of the world beauty pageant held in Azerbaijan in 2012, and as a result of this pageant, she achieved the success of being the runner-up.

She started acting in the series Cilgin Dershane (Crazy School), which began airing on Show TV in 2014 and ended in five episodes. Paşhan Yılmazel, Duygu Çetinkaya, Berrin Parklikler, Okan Karacan acted with such actors.

15 Facts About Famous Actress Hande Ercel

In 2014, she played the character in the series Hayat Agacı (Tree of life) (Selin Karahanli) along with Idil Fırat, Fikret Kuşkan, Onur Saylak, Özge Özberk, Kenan Bal.

Hande Ercel received the Pantene stars shining Award at the Golden Butterfly Awards in 2015. In the series called Halka (Ring), which is broadcast on TRT 1 screens, Mujde gives life to the character.

She first played in a series called Hayat Agacı Tree of life, which aired on TRT screens. The youth series called Cilgin Dershane (Crazy School), which she played, was highly appreciated and filled the eye with its beauty. Cilgin Dershane (Crazy Dershane) came to the screens with the character of Mary in the University series, and then gave life to the character of Selin Yilmaz in the series called Gunesin Kizlari (The Daughters of the Sun).

Hande Ercel received a special award for her series Shining Star with the Gunesin Kizlari (Daughters of The Sun). 42. she won this award at the Pantene Golden Butterfly Awards.42 again. At the Pantene Golden Butterfly Awards, Gunesin Kizlari were also nominated as Ali and Selin as the most befitting couple. 3. Hande Ercel, who was selected as the Best Female Actress in the ITU Emos Achievement Awards, Received this award for her role in the series Gunesin Kizlari (Daughters of the sun). 7. At the media awards, she won Best Actress for her role in the series Gunesin Kizlari (Daughters of the Sun).

Hande Ercel is currently playing the role of Eda in the series Sen Cal Kapimi, which aired on FOX TV

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