Baba: Subject Cast and Preparations

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What is the subject of the series Baba, which arouses excitement with its remarkable cast and extraordinary plot? Who are the actors of the Baba series? Where is the series filmed? Here are the answers to all your questions in this article…

Lovers of Turkish TV series took their breath away on the screen with the start of the new season. One of the most ambitious productions of Show TVBaba series attracted attention with its star cast. From the first day of its broadcast, it has managed to connect the audience with it. The series, which marked the new era, has already gained many fans from all over the world.

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What is The Subject of Baba Series?

Baba: Subject Cast and Preparations

Baba series is about the sudden change in the humble life of the Saruhanli family living in an Anatolian town. There are hints of the conflict between Emin, the head of the Saruhanli family, and his son Kadir, who got out of prison, over the concept of family. As the Saruhanli family learns a shocking truth after a plane crash, their lives suddenly change.

Cast of Baba Series

Haluk Bilginer, Tolgahan Saritas, Ayda Aksel, Taner Rumeli, Deniz Hamzaoglu, Ozge Yagiz, Bihter Dincel, Zeynep Tugce Bayat, Hakan Kurtas, Cem Uslu and many more are in the team of the series, which won acclaim with its strong cast as well as its plot.

Haluk Bilginer

Baba: Subject Cast and Preparations

Master actor Haluk Bilginer plays the character of Emin Saruhanli in the series. He portrays an authoritarian man who is very attached to his religion and family values. He grew the small bean that he opened in his youth and came to the wholesale business. He is a father who is respected by his environment, a man of his word, trusted and loved.

Tolga Saritas

Baba: Subject Cast and Preparations

Tolga Saritas plays the character of Kadir Saruhanli in the series. He plays the youngest son of Emin Saruhanli. He is free, curious and maverick. He uses trial and error to find his own truth and pays the price when necessary. He struggles with his father to defend the rights of both his brothers and nephews.

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Ayda Aksel

Baba: Subject Cast and Preparations

Ayda Aksel plays the character of Fazilet Saruhanli in the series. A mother who is loyal to her customs and traditions and raises her children in this way. He has been married to Emin Saruhanli for 47 years. He becomes a bridge between his children and Emin and is very fond of Kadir.

Taner Rumeli

Taner Rumeli plays the character of Servet Saruhanli in the series. He is the brother of Kadir and Busra, and the brother of Yasar. Although his handsomeness causes him to open every door easily, he is useless in his relationship with his father. It has a fun-loving nature. He divorced Munevver and married Sahika.

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Deniz Hamzaoglu

Deniz Hamzaoglu plays the character of Yasar Saruhanli in the series. He is the eldest son of Emin Saruhanli. When he was little, he took his father’s word once and carried the weight of it on him throughout his life. He has a docile nature and married the person his mother chose. More than that, he has never had an eye.

Ozge Yagiz

Ozge Yagiz plays the character of Busra Kalkan Saruhanli in the series. She is Emin’s only daughter and youngest child. He takes care of the accounts in his father’s wholesale shop. She is married to Ahmet, the man she does not love. He has a very different bond of love with his older brother Kadir.

Bihter Dincel

Bihter Dincel plays the character of Munevver Sahin in the series. She is the wife of Servet and the mother of Kubra. She is a very calm, docile and quiet woman. Although she is divorced from Servet, she continues to stay in her family. Emin is devoted to Saruhanli with great respect and love.

Zeynep Tugce Bayat

Zeynep Tugce Bayat plays the character of Sahika Saruhanli in the series. She is Servet’s new wife. She is a very attractive woman. Since he has been suffering from poverty since childhood, material possessions are very important to him. She knows how to treat her man very well.

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Oktay Cubuk

Oktay Cubuk plays the character of Kadircan Saruhanli in the series. He is the son of Binnur and Yasar. Zeynep’s twin sister. He took Servet as his role model. She hasn’t opened her eyes since she grew up in a small town.

Damlasu Ikizoglu

Damlasu Ikizoglu plays the character of Kubra Saruhanli in the series. Daughter of Munevver and Servet. Unlike her mother, she is a girl who likes to be more in the foreground. She reacts to her mother as much as she loves her father. His role model is Sahika, his father’s new wife.

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Where is the Baba Series Being Filmed?

Baba: Subject Cast and Preparations

The shooting of the TV series Baba takes place in Odemis in Izmir and Istanbul. In the TV series Baba, which was shot in places such as Besiktas and Galata, the rich mansion is in Kadikoy. The name of the mansion is Resat Pasa Konagi.

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