Turkish Actors in Hollywood


Did you know that famous actors known for Turkish cinema and TV series have also starred in Hollywood films? Here are the Turkish actors who have managed to enter the world of Hollywood cinema… Here are turkish actors in Hollywood…

Haluk Bilginer

Turkish Actors in Hollywood

Haluk Bilginer, who played in the 1992 TV series “Young Indiana Jones”, had a small role in the 2001 film “Buffalo Soldiers”.
In 2009, he starred in “the International” and in 2012 in “the Reluctant Fundamentalist”.

Muzaffer Tema

Turkish Actors in Hollywood

Muzaffer Tema is the first Turkish artist to appear in Hollywood. After going to America in 1956, he starred in the films “Certain Smile” and “Twelve to the Moon”, which were also shown in Turkey.

Fikret Hakan

Turkish Actors in Hollywood

Fikret Hakan gave life to the character of Colonel Ahmet Elci in the film “You Can’t Win Em All”, in which he starred.

Okan Bayulgen

Okan Bayulgen, known as “Young Indiana Jones” in Turkey, had a small role in the 1992 Hollywood series “The Young Indiana Jones Chronicles”, which also featured Haluk Bilginer.

Derya Arbas Berti

Derya Arbas starred in the 1992 Hollywood film “Revenge of the Nerds III: The Next Generation.”
The hybrid actor, who also starred in “Hang your Dog in the Wind” in 1997, has had small roles in many other Hollywood productions.

Salih Guney

Turkish Actors in Hollywood

Salih Guney played in the film “You Can’t Win Em All”, which also featured Fikret Hakan. He played the character of Captain Enver in the film.

Zuhal Olcay

Zuhal Olcay starred in the Hollywood-produced series” Young Indiana Jones”. In an episode of the series set in Istanbul, he played together with Okan Bayulgen and Haluk Bilginer. Olcay gave life to the character” Halide Edip”.

Meltem Cumbul

In 2008, Meltem Cumbul starred in the film “The Alphabet Killer”. That same year, he gave life to the character Antanas in the film” A Beautiful Life”.

Sibel Kekilli

After starring in comedy productions such as “Fay Grim” from 2006 and “What a man” from 2011, he appeared on screens with the series “Game Of Thrones” in 2011.

Sibel Kekilli was born on 16 June 1980 in Heilbronn, Germany. She is one of 4 children of the Kekilli family of Kayseri. Sibel Kekilli, a Gemini woman, has a twin brother. Her father worked in a factory, and his mother worked in cleaning. Her grandfather emigrated from Kayseri to Germany in the 60s. Then in the ‘ 70s, his father came as a second generation. Her grandfather returned, his father intended to return; in the third generation, this intention was completely lost. After the first generation of alamanci returned to their hometown in coffins, the ‘return’ book was closed. Sibel is a representative of a generation that does not miss Turkey.

Tamer Karadagli

Tamer Karadagli starred together with Deniz Akkaya in the 2007 film “Living and Dying”.

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Tamer Karadağlı Turkish actor and voice actor.

He was born to parents of Azerbaijani descent. A Montenegrin who settled in the United States with his family before starting primary school, returned to Turkey and then went back to America. During his final return in his senior year of high school, he often went to Akün Cinema. On the one hand, he started the art of voice acting, which he stated was a passion for him during his high school years. Turkish and English plays of Shakespeare’s Play “Dry noise” and thus The Adventure of Bilkent University began.

After TED Ankara college, he graduated from Çankaya high school and Bilkent University Faculty of music and Performing Arts Department of theater, and translated his first film in 1993. Ferhunde rose to fame with her series of ladies. He was married to Arzu Balkan, a Montenegrin actor who also voiced many famous players. The couple has a daughter named Zeyno. The couple divorced in 2007. He starred in the series let the children not hear.

Umit Ulgen

Umit Ulgen starred in Spectre, a series of James Bond films. Ulgen is seen on camera in the film as a soldier guarding the train. He also appeared in Ulgen’s Doctor Strange.

Mehmet Gunsur

Turkish Actors in Hollywood

Mehmet Gunsur played a detective in the film” Fall down Dead”.

Mehmet Günsür graduated from the Department of advertising at Marmara University and starred in his first project, Past Tense Mimosas, in 1989. He played the character of Sabih in the TV series aired on TRT.

Gunsur achieved success with Hamam, a 94-minute Spanish-Italian-Turkish co-production. His performance in the film, directed by Ferzan Ozpetek, earned him 10. He won the “promising new actor” award at the Ankara Film Festival. Next, the actor appeared in the motion picture Dream games together with Tarık Akan, one of Yesilcam’s master names. Gunsur, who gave life to a wide variety of characters throughout his professional life, put all of Turkey on the screen in the role of Sehzade Mehmed.

Deniz Akkaya

Turkish Actors in Hollywood

Deniz Akkaya played the character of Anne Noble in the 2007 film “Living and Dying”.

Nehir Erdogan

Meleğin Sırları – Broken Angel

Nehir Erdogan played the character Ebru in “Broken Angel“, an adaptation of the novel about the life of a Turkish girl.

Yilmaz Erdogan

Turkish Actors in Hollywood

In the film Last Hope, directed by Russell Crowe and about the Battle of Canakkale, Yilmaz Erdogan appears as a Turkish commander.

Cem Yilmaz

Turkish Actors in Hollywood

Along with Yilmaz Erdogan in Russell Crowe’s famous film, Cem Yilmaz also gives life to a Turkish soldier.