The 20 Best Turkish TV Series on Netflix 2021


Turkish TV series on Netflix are gaining great importance every day. Netflix, which has a significant advantage in competition between digital streaming platforms, is showing its sensitivity in this regard with the steps it is taking. Netflix intends to prove itself in terms of Turkish series, both by acquiring the broadcast rights of existing Turkish series and by signing new productions of its own. So we put together the 20 best Turkish TV series on Netflix 2021.

In making the glaze, we gave priority to the Netflix Turkish series, whose IMDb rating was highest. A nice watch!

Yasamayanlar (Immortals) | IMDb: 5,3

The 20 Best Turkish TV Series on Netflix 2021

Mia comes to Istanbul to kill Dmitry, who turned her into a vampire, and become human again. But the ancient city of Istanbul has other plans for it. Mia finds herself at the center of a breathless story in which good and evil, love and hate, life and death turn into each other. Accompanying him in this story are the dark and attractive Karmen, the warrior Numel, who harbors a great secret in his past, and the hunters who resist vampires in the slums of Istanbul.

Above all, a great war is about to begin between humans and vampires. Mia’s biggest test is Whose side she will fight when the Great War begins.

Kis Gunesi (Winter Sun) | IMDb: 6,5

The 20 Best Turkish TV Series on Netflix 2021

Efe, who plays hide and seek with his twin brother Mete and his friends April in the garden of his house on his birthday, witnesses an event that will change his whole life. He hides in his father’s car without revealing what he saw to his father. While the entire household is searching for Efe, his father Harun is forced to leave the house in a hurry with a phone he received. A great plot awaits Harun on the road. As Harun dies, Efe, who is unaware that no one but his father is hiding in the backseat, disappears. A whole new life has begun for Efe, who is believed to have died.

20 years pass. While Efe was fishing, Mete married his childhood friend Nisan and became a manager of the family company. The one who separated the twins returns, this time to reunite them and take revenge.

Kordugum (Intersection) | IMDb: 6,6

The 20 Best Turkish TV Series on Netflix 2021

A story of love and transformation that takes place around two men and a woman whose circumstances have changed, descending into the heart of a metropolis in modern times… describing the separation of rich and poor and material and spiritual allegiances in the lives of a new generation through love, Kordugum (Intersection) said: “Love Changes, power pollutes.” a series that rises above the sentence

Hakan: Muhafiz (The Protector) | IMDb: 6,7

The 20 Best Turkish TV Series on Netflix 2021

Hakan, a young man, has an ordinary life in Istanbul. But the task assigned to him puts Hakan in a different position than anyone living in a city of 15 million people. The city is threatened by mysterious Immortals from history. Although Hakan is never ready, he must stop the Immortals and save the city. Will Hakan, who takes on the duty of being the last guard of Istanbul, be able to fulfill his duty?

Filinta | IMDb: 6,7

The 20 Best Turkish TV Series on Netflix 2021

Mustafa begins with the pursuit of a secret gang that ships smuggled weapons from Istanbul to the Rumeli sides, participating in support of separatist elements belonging to that region. He and his best friend, Zabit Ali, an orphan like him, go to death and enter the middle of a large plot. As Ali dies, Mustafa goes to prison, Giyasettin Hatemi goes to peace for the last time, and Mustafa is pardoned on one condition. Filinta series among the best Turkish TV series on Netflix 2021.

Beni Boyle Sev (Love Me As I Am) | IMDb: 7,1

The 20 Best Turkish TV Series on Netflix 2021

Omer and Aysem fall in love at first sight. A couple who fall in love with each other while studying at University crown this love with marriage. Omer is a very handsome and rich boy. In addition to its wealth, it has such a modest structure. Aysem, on the other hand, grew up without his mother and struggled with the difficulties of life. Despite this, she is a girl full of life and high energy. Beni Boyle Sev (Love Me As I Am) series among the best Turkish TV series on Netflix 2021.

Avlu (The Yard) | IMDb: 7,2

The 20 Best Turkish TV Series on Netflix 2021

Deniz, who has been violent with his wife for a long time, is now tired of this situation. One night, the screams coming from the House are suddenly interrupted by the sound of a gun. Deniz is arrested for shooting his wife Hakan during a fight. After he arrives at the Deniz prison, all he wants is to call his daughter and find out how he’s doing. But unfortunately, prison life has its own rules. For this reason, it is the girl to call me any time. There are two dissociative groups in the prison. Kudret and Azra are the leaders of these two groups. Deniz’s only wish is to get out of prison as soon as possible and meet his daughter, while he finds himself between Azra and Kudret.

Kara Para Ask (Black Money Love) | IMDb: 7,3

The 20 Best Turkish TV Series on Netflix 2021

In a world that is rapidly polluted by money and ambition, Omer commissar, who has achieved great success in his relentless struggles with criminals, comes to Istanbul to get engaged to his girlfriend Sibel. Kara Para Ask (black Money Love) series among the best Turkish TV series on Netflix 2021.

Atiye (The Gift) | IMDb: 7,4

Atiye lives a simple and happy life in Istanbul with his family and lover Ozan, until his life changes with a discovery made in Gobeklitepe, the oldest temple in the world. Archaeologist Erhan, who is carrying out excavations in the area, discovers a symbol that reveals the mystical relationship between Atiye and Gobeklitepe. Atiye decides to search for his past in the ancient temple, pursuing this mysterious event that opens a completely different door for him. As this veil of mystery unfolds, the events facing Atiye will make him question the past and the future, everything between truth and spiritual.

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Ask 101 (Love 101) | IMDb: 7,5

In 1990s Turkey, a group of outcasts join hands to make their beloved teachers fall in love with someone so that they have a reason to stay with them. The story focuses on a group of rebellious 17-year-olds who plan to keep their favorite teachers in school so that they can attend school, and focuses on the processes of young people discovering love.

In the 1998 series, young people begin to discover love when they work to make their teachers fall in love with a basketball coach who has just arrived at school, and they realize that they are strong when they are together on this journey, and love cannot exist by force.

Dirilis: Ertugrul (Resurrection Ertugrul) | IMDb: 7,9

Mediterranean, Black Sea, Balkans, Caucasus and Mesopotamia were looking for a new owner, our hero Ertugrul was also looking for a new dormitory for his 400-tent Obas. Ertugrul, who defeated the Mongols and Turkmen gentlemen and gave Kayi a dormitory, thus hid the secret of the establishment of the Ottoman State in his own story. Dirilis: Ertugrul (Resurrection Ertugrul) series among the best Turkish TV series on Netflix 2021.

Fi (Phi) | IMDb: 7,9

A man loves a woman, and the world changes. But it’s not love that radically changes life, it’s that they dare to achieve love. He starts such great storms in the brutality of his love for that person that he finally washes everything he touches. And sometimes, in order for life to renew itself, everything must be destroyed first. A story of those who chase passion, fly into the fire at the cost of burning, and reach their own truth through pain…

Rise of Empires: Ottoman | IMDb: 8,0

Rise of Empires: Ottoman is about the period of the rise of the Ottoman Empire. Fatih Sultan Mehmet II. In the series, where Mehmet’s epic story will be told, Sultan II. After Mehmet ascended the throne at the age of 13, his fairy-tale rise, the overthrow of Constantinople and the 15. it is about him becoming one of the most important rulers of the Ottoman Empire in a century. This series among the best Turkish TV series on Netflix 2021.

Subat | IMDb: 8,1

Subat, whose face is burned in an orphanage fire, is saved by Aziz Bey, who makes a living collecting. Subat’s knowledge and power are soon discovered by Aziz Bey. Aziz Bey has been growing Subat out of sight for 20 years. Until Subat, one day, he came out into the “real” world…

Yagmur is the daughter of Cihan Cankaya, one of the famous doctors of his time. After returning to his country after a journalism internship in America, Yagmur begins working as a reporter for a television station. Having an ambitious structure, rain has not been able to capture the output it wants. One day, Yagmur’s path, which is chasing news, coincidentally coincides with Subat at the scene of a murder.

Boru (Wolf) | IMDb: 8,2

Turkey in spring 2014. A period when enemies multiply on the border, the circle of dangers inside gradually narrows. The Republic of Turkey is facing the greatest threats in its recent history. Boru (Wolf) describes the saga of lonely heroes ignited by the love of the homeland.

46 Yok Olan (Vanished 46) | IMDb: 8,4

46 Yok Olan (Vanished 46) tells the story of a scientist sacrificing himself as a guinea pig to bring his sister back to life and embarking on a journey that no one could have predicted. 46 Yok Olan (Vanished 46) series among the best Turkish TV series on Netflix 2021.

Masum (Innocent) | IMDb: 8,5

Retired commissioner Cevdet and his wife spend the last years of their lives in peace in small farmhouses far from the city. Until their little son came home one night with the terrible news… Masum (Innocent) series among the best Turkish TV series on Netflix 2021.

Behzat C.: Bir Ankara Polisiyesi (Behzat C. An Ankara Detective Story) | IMDb: 8,7

Behzat C.: Bir Ankara Polisiyesi (Behzat C. An Ankara Detective Story), Behzat C. and it’s about the adventures of his team. Behzat C, known for his unique interrogation methods and harsh attitude, graduated from the police academy in 1985, but the sentences he received remain in the same position on his face. Behzat C, who adopts the principle of ensuring justice according to the voice of his conscience, together with his team tries to solve difficult cases from each other.

Bir Baskadir (Ethos) | IMDb: 8,7

Bir Baskadir (Ethos) is about the lives of a group of people who are quite different from each other and live completely different lives, which change with the intersection of their paths. These characters will either have to walk a new path or come to terms with a complicated past. Bir Baskadir (Ethos) series among the best Turkish TV series on Netflix 2021.

Leyla ile Mecnun | IMDb: 9,1

2 babies born in the same hospital on the same day are admitted together due to the small number of beds. After their parents say that they found each other as soon as they were born, babies with a crib get their names Leyla and Mecnun, which are also legends. After 25 years, one day his family tells Mecnun about the situation and they go to ask for Leyla. Although Mecnun is uncomfortable with this situation, he falls in love as soon as he sees Leyla. Mecnun, who has no idea what he will do to impress him, sees his grandfather with a white beard in a night dream.