Sen Cal Kapimi Series Over or Was It The Season Finale?


The Sen Cal Kapimi series took a break from the screen adventure. The romantic comedy series Sen Cal Kapimi has completed the season with its 39th new episode. The viewers who missed the finale of the series are investigating what happened in the last episode of the Sen Cal Kapimi series and the history of the new season. Here are the latest developments in the Sen Cal Kapimi series…

One of the series that gave an early break to the season was Sen Cal Kapimi. Sen Cal Kapimi, which aired on Saturday evenings, completed its first season with its 39th episode.

What Happened in the Season Final?

Sen Cal Kapimi Season Finale

Despite the danger they face, Eda and Serkan continue to try their luck in the wish box. While Serkan wants to enjoy life without mentioning his disease, nobody can understand this change in him.

Serkan and Eda experience a different lifestyle in their yellow caravan. These unexpected decisions of Serkan confuse Eda as well. While living life to the fullest with the man he loves in the caravan of his dreams, he is unaware of the danger that awaits them. The last event that happened to them will cause Serkan’s secret to be revealed.

When is the New Season Sen Cal Kapimi Series?

The Sen Cal Kapimi series, which made its first season finale with its 39th episode, which was screened on April 17, is expected to begin its new season in September. The broadcaster of the series, Fox TV, gave the good news of the new season with the tag #YenidenBulusacagiz.

Sen Cal Kapimi Subject

The series is like the romantic comedy stories we’re used to. A woman and a man’s relationship, which begins with hate, turns into love.

Eda Yildiz’s scholarship to study at a prestigious University in Italy is terminated in the last year. The person behind eda’s scholarship is the rich and young businessman Serkan Bolat. Serkan Bolat tells Eda that he can get his scholarship back in exchange for being engaged to him for two months. Eda doesn’t want to accept the offer in the first place. Because he hates Serkan. But he is later forced to accept the offer. The duo’s relationship, which begins in this way, turns into a difficult love over time.

Sen Cal Kapimi Cast

The series brings together young and talented players and experienced names. Of course, the series stars Hande Ercel and Kerem BursinNeslihan YeldanBige OnalAnil IlterCagri CitanakElcin AfacanMelisa DongelSarp Can Koroglu are among the actors of the series.

Who’s Which Role in The Series

Hande Ercel – Eda Yildiz

Eda is an urban, modern fairy girl. She is beautiful, smart, talented, kind-hearted, and straightforward. An original young woman who brings color to the environment she enters, with her dressing style, behavior and lifestyle. Having closed the absence of her parents as an overly social child, Eda’s greatest passion is flowers. A little impulsive, she can’t stop saying what he thinks, but he shines light into every environment he enters.

Kerem Bursin – Serkan Bolat

He’s a handsome, charismatic, tough guy. He is a very well educated, knowledgeable and ruthless businessman. He ran from success to success by enlarging his father’s holding. He knows how to turn the business world against him like a great chess master. He likes to take risks. He stands behind every decision he makes and goes to the end. He has no motivation other than work and success. He’s obsessed with not losing, and that’s why he’s so scared to love

Neslihan Yeldan – Aydan Bolat

Bige Onal – Selin Atakan

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Evrim Dogan – Ayfer Yildiz

Anil Ilter – Engin Sezgin

Melisa Dongel – Ceren Basar

Cagri Citanak – Ferit Simsek

Elcin Afacan – Melek Yücel

Sitare Akbas – Figen Yildirim

Başak Gümülcinelioğlu – Piril Baytekin

Alican Aytekin – Seyfi Cicek

Sarp Bozkurt – Erdem Sangay

Ilkyaz Arslan – Leyla Haktan

Hakan Karahan – Chef Alexander Zucco

Sarp Can Koroglu – Deniz Sarachan

Ilayda Cevik – Balca Kocak