Kerem Bursin’s Ex-Girlfriends and Dating History


Kerem Bursin‘s relationship with the beautiful actress Hande Ercel has been on the agenda lately. Kerem Bursin, who is in the same project with his girlfriend and has been mentioned frequently with love rumors, is curious about everything. Who are the former lovers of Bursin, who was with names such as Demet Ozdemir and Yagmur Tanrisevsin before? Here are Kerem Bursin‘s ex-girlfriends and dating history.

Meric Kucuk

Kerem Bursin’s Ex-Girlfriends and Dating History

Kerem Bursin, whose star shines in the TV series Gunesi Beklerken, was seen for the first time with his girlfriend at the Koridor Bar in Nisantasi. He left questions about his relationship unanswered.

It was later revealed who the young girl was. The person Bursin talked to for a while in 2013 was Meric Kucuk, who attracted attention on social media with his blog called maritsa.

Yagmur Tanrisevsin

Kerem Bursin’s Ex-Girlfriends and Dating History

The relationship between Kerem Bursin and Yagmur Tanrısevsin, who met on the set of the TV series Gunesi Beklerken and started to fall in love, was talked about a lot.

Kerem Bursin at first made a statement that he does not have a girlfriend, being afraid of his fans, and then announced their relationship with the news that came out one after the other.

When Gunesi Beklerken was over, Yagmur Tanrisevsin started to play in the TV series Kacak. Kerem Bursin continued his career with the projects Unutursam Fisilda and Seref Meselesi. As a result, distances between the two came. That’s how their relationship ended.

Hande Dogandemir

Kerem Bursin’s Ex-Girlfriends and Dating History

Kerem Bursin and Hande Dogandemir shared the lead roles in the TV series Gunesi Beklerken.

Afterwards, there were frequent love rumors about the duo, who were ascribed to each other by the fans. It was denied each time. However, years later, it was claimed that Kerem Bursin confessed.

Serenay Sarikaya

Kerem Bursin’s Ex-Girlfriends and Dating History

Kerem Bursin‘s most interesting girlfriend in the tabloid world was undoubtedly the one with the famous actress Serenay Sarikaya.

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After her relationship with Cagatay Ulusoy, Sarikaya started a new love affair with Bursin. The fun couple, who did not hesitate to appear together for the cameras, was very well liked by the magazine.

Some said that the relationship was an advertisement agreement, that they broke up because the agreement was over; Others claim that the marriage contract broke their relationship.

Demet Ozdemir

Kerem Bursin’s Ex-Girlfriends and Dating History

The allegations that Kerem Bursin and Demet Ozdemir became close occupied the public for a while.

It was claimed that the couple became close after Kerem Bursin‘s relationship with Serenay Sarikaya ended. It was claimed that the couple, who had met in the past, started to meet more often because of their mutual friends.

Hande Ercel

Kerem Bursin’s Ex-Girlfriends and Dating History

The role of Kerem Bursin and Hande Ercel, who played the leading roles in the TV series Sen Cal Kapimi, became reality and the couple began to live in love.

Hande Ercel and Kerem Bursin, who are said to be lovers especially on social media, have repeatedly denied their love claims. However, it turns out that the couple’s refusal turned into reality after this relationship and they stopped denying and confessed. The duo confessed their love during their Maldives vacation in April. The duo, who lived in full rein together, was later reflected in the lenses during the Bodrum holiday.

Kerem Bursin’s statement, “I think there is no need to talk too much” upon the words of the reporters “You do not deny the news of love” was interpreted as “Confirming the news of love”. Hande Ercel, who debuted after the famous actor left the hall, was content with saying “Friends who will be informed when there is love”.

Hande Ercel and Kerem Bursin, who made the statement “we are friends” at every opportunity, went to the Maldives after the season finale of their series. It was revealed that the duo, who were shown by their fans, were on holiday alone.

Actors Hande Ercel and Kerem Bursin continue their love-filled bridle.